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Welcome home! Step inside our virtual shoppe or come visit us in Cockeysville, Maryland. We pride ourselves on carrying the largest selection of premium long-filler, handmade cigars, tobacco products and accessories. Customers drive from all over the country to visit us because we have access to products other retailers don't. Our impressive walk-in humidor is an experience all its own, not to mention our decked-out public and private lounges. We're also one of the few shoppes around that has outdoor patio space for you to enjoy, and our customers can attest that our service is second to none.

As a second generation family-owned business, we cater to the needs of our regular customers, as well as our special occasion customers. Whether you’re an aficionado or an amateur; a salesman or a sportsman; an empty-nester or a single mingler, you're always welcome at The Humidour Cigar Shoppe on the Hill.


Upcoming Featured Events

La Palina Cigar Event

Friday, February 28th from 3 to 7 pm

Join us along with our representative, Frank Elam:


  • Purchase 5 cigars and get 1 cigar plus 1 raffle ticket.
  • Purchase 10 cigars and get 3 cigars plus 3 raffle tickets.
  • Purchase 20+ cigars and get 6 cigars, an ashtray, plus 10 raffle tickets.


Specials run ALL February long!  You could WIN this custom-made Cabinet Humidor along with Very Rare La Palina Goldie cigars from each year's release!

The RoMa Craft Tobac Experience with Mike Rosales

March 13, 2020 7 - 9 PM

Join RoMa Craft owner Mike Rosales for the complete boutique cigar experience in our  private lounge on Friday, March 13th, 2020 from 7 to 9 pm.


Your $30.00 ticket includes :

  • Cigars : Aquitaine Anthropology (5.75 x 46) and Neanderthal HN (5 x 52/58),
  • Drink: Knob Creek Bourbon,
  • Food: Appetizers from local favorite Barrett's Grill.


Plus specials on our wide selection of RoMa Craft premium cigars, for one night only!

Tickets are available online or in the shoppe.


Protect Maryland Premium Cigars and Pipes

Immediate Action Required!

Maryland Senate Bill 3 drastically increases the inventory wholesale tax on premium cigars and pipe tobacco from 15% and 30%, respectively, to a devastating 86%. Additional emergency legislation, House Bill 3 and Senate Bill 233, could ban the sale of all tobacco products, including premium cigars and pipe tobacco in the State.


Urge your elected officials to amend S.B. 3 and H.B. 3 / S.B. 233 to exempt premium cigars and pipe tobacco. Click below to take immediate action!

Our customer Josh Offermann wrote to Maryland Senator Chris West asking him to oppose the proposed 86% (!) cigar and pipe tobacco state tax increase and to also oppose the potential complete BAN on cigars and pipe tobacco in our state. We are pleased to say that Senator West has heard our voices and is on the side of small business. Mr. Offermann then continued the conversation, as follows:


Thank you for your response. I would like to also call attention to the true consequences of these bills; while there is a clear financial impact, that is quite literally the least of the concerns. I would ask law makers to examine the local industry and the people behind it. These are not billion dollar corporations, or malicious entities stealing money from the people. These are Mothers and Fathers. These are small family owned businesses that bring more than a product to Marylanders, they form communities and lifelong friendships. How many industries in Maryland continue to support our troops overseas with care packages to bring some feeling of “home” to the battlefront, despite increased regulation? How many industries in Maryland stand by their customers’ side as they experience major life events such as weddings and deaths and herd a community of people to support their customer base? How many industries in Maryland lose countless hours of their time to create a second home for their customers without ever asking for anything in return? I cannot name another; can you?


I urge you, Senator, to not look at the bills, but to look at the people. In today's political environment that is something that has been lost, and we rely on you, our elected official, to not only defend our rights and liberties, but to protect us against factious and unjustified claims.

I invite you to the family owned business where I frequent to meet the people; not the statistics, or the malicious claims, but the people that make this so much more than a bill.


Thank you,
Joshua Offermann”

This one made Finnie mist up. Thank YOU, Josh, for being a part of our Humidour Family -- and thanks to all our Humidour Cigar Shoppe family who have generously taken their time to help us fight for our second-generation small business. Please keep spreading the word.

Our events are a great way to meet fellow cigar and pipe aficionados. You don't need to be an "expert" to attend -- in fact, they are the perfect opportunity for those new to the hobby to discover what it is all about.  Please note: Our shop is an adults-only environment.  All our event attendees must have a valid ID.

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